PT Alpha Magsaysay Moves to New Home

PT Alpha Magsaysay International (PT AMI) Bali, Indonesia has moved to a bigger and more spacious office at Patih Jelantik No 9A, Kuta, Badung.

A Mecaru, a Balinese Hinduism ceremony, was held after the completion of the renovation of the building in gratitude to the Creator and to keep the balance between mankind and nature.


The relocation was led by PT AMI Operations and graced by executive leadership representatives from Magsaysay Group, Fairmont Shipping Group, Magsaysay People Resources, Princess Cruises, and P&O Australia.


Known as the hospitality hub of Indonesia and a great source of applicants from local hotels, Bali’s current crew reporting in the office is around 3000.


PT AMI further strengthens MAGSAYSAY’s human capital development presence in Southeast Asia. MAGSAYSAY is committed to providing employment opportunities to young talents in the region as part of its philosophy to build a human resource pipeline, train people to be job-ready, and be accessible to seafarers and their families.

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