MAGSAYSAY Unveils “Taga-igib,” Upcycling Through the Art

A replica of Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s (AMHo) tempera painting “Taga-igib” was brought to life in another art form and turned into a stunning mosaic at the entrance lobby of the MAGSAYSAY Building in Kalaw, Manila.

AMHo’s daughter and Group President and CEO of MAGSAYSAY, Doris Ho, commissioned artisans from the Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) Foundation, a non-stock and non-profit Bacolod City-established organization, to pool local artists to passionately transform discarded Nespresso capsules (aluminum), eggshells from local bakeries, and broken tiles to a 9-feet by 12-feet across artwork replica.

“Taga-igib” is not just an art. Beyond AMHo’s inspiration of women interacting, the “Taga-igib” Nespresso capsule art tells us a story about recycling and sustainability and that MAGSAYSAY is committed to positively impacting the environment and the community. While the mosaic workshop, a livelihood project of the NVC, puts food on the table for the artisans, the proceeds also help NVC deliver its nutrition program for malnourished children from economically deprived families.

Through “Taga-igib,” MAGSAYSAY aims to create more awareness and inspire people to live a conscious lifestyle, share the same respect and care for the environment, and be an engine of positive change.

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