MIS Launches Pilot Batch of MARINA-accredited ETO Course

Magsaysay Institute of Shipping (MIS) launched its Marina Industry Authority (MARINA)-accredited Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) course with its pilot batch composed of 11 trainees on November 6.


The stay-in campus program will run for four months or 628 hours where they will experience hands-on training on electro-technology, marine high voltage, electro-hydraulics, electro-pneumatics, and motor and process controllers. Trainees are guaranteed to have onboard ship training after completing the program. Upon completion of the ETO course, trainees will then take the practical exam for the ETO Certificate of Competency (COC).


The implementation of the program is proof of MIS’ desire to empower aspiring professionals in the maritime industry. This initiative aims to develop competent and qualified individuals in handling and maintaining all the electrical and electronic systems on board ships.


Today, MIS is continuously shaping the maritime industry and has produced professionals who are now Master Mariners and Chief Engineers onboard ships and shipping administrators ashore. MIS expands its services by providing tailored fit courses and training facilities to third-party clients who invest in human resources development and training to power their businesses.

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