MAGSAYSAY Embraces Every Color, Celebrates Diversity

MAGSAYSAY is breaking new ground in its brand promise that everything matters, joining thousands in Quezon City on June 24 to champion equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, and their allies.

The company’s participation in its first Pride March not only reaffirmed its commitment to diversity and inclusion but also marked a significant milestone in the traditionally male-dominated industry. This historic moment underscored MAGSAYSAY and its Magsaysay People (MPs)’ dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace and community where everyone, regardless of gender expression, is respected and empowered to contribute to their best.

Adorned in vibrant colors and waving banners, MPs converged in Tomas Morato, and marched along Elliptical Road to Quezon City Circle. MAGSAYSAY’s participation in the Pride March is truly a beacon of progress marking a significant chapter in its diversity and inclusion advocacy. 

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