Doris Ho is 2022 Crew Welfare Personality Awardee 

In the recently concluded 2022 Crew Welfare awards, Safety4Sea Editorial Team recognized Doris Magsaysay Ho, Magsaysay Group President and CEO, as the Personality awardee of the year amongst maritime industry leaders.   


Doris’s leadership, the recognition took note, promotes and enhances crew welfare – which is anchored to one of Magsaysay’s core corporate values: We Care. During the pandemic, Doris led the company in closely working with government agencies to keep the maritime industry afloat despite many economic challenges. She is also an advocate of skills upgrading and development, which paved the way for creating programs promoting Magsaysay’s People well-being.  


In her acceptance speech, she cited the general realization of the seafarers’ crucial role in transporting commodities and necessities that became prominent during the pandemic. She called for action in better promoting seafarer’s health and wellbeing, “All of us must rethink how we support the crew’s health and wellness so that the pre-employment medicals become a positive annual exam to help seafarers become healthy rather than something to fear and worry about. We should have a global health card in the blockchain implemented as soon as possible.”   


Magsaysay People Resources Corporation was also shortlisted for the Crew Welfare Management category. They were included in the top global maritime companies that demonstrated best practices and excellent initiatives in every aspect of crew welfare.  The recognition underscores Magsaysay’s and Doris Ho’s top priority of ensuring people and crew welfare.   


Watch Doris’ recognition presentation and award acceptance speech here: 

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