MAGSAYSAY Champions Crew Welfare at Safety4Sea Manila Forum 2023

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) President Arnold Javier and four (4) of its merchant marine officers participated as panelists in the recently concluded Safety4Sea Manila Forum 2023 at Sofitel Hotel last October 24. 


Aside from the fleet directors and managers who attended the forum, four (4) chosen crew represented their respective Principals as panelists for the segment, The Younger Generation in the Spotlight, who shared personal experiences of working onboard and views on various topics such as technology and automation, sustainable shipping, career development and training, and regulatory compliance. Their shared thoughts and experiences were essential for the ship owners and ship managers who take into consideration the factors in promoting and keeping crew welfare. Their firsthand experiences opened the venue to discuss the current challenges on communication and connectivity, fitness facilities, career development and training, and mental health. 


Similarly, MMC President Javier took the stage to tackle the importance of prioritizing the wellness of crew on board and in general as they are responsible for the 90% of global trade. He mentioned regulations and standards covering the protection of seafarers’ wellness and safety. He also presented a holistic approach to address the challenges on mental and physical wellness of crew at sea. 

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