Professional Development, Languages Training and Assessment

Magsaysay Professional Training and Development (MAGPRO) offers professional development training, including communications, customer service, teamwork, leadership and other higher level personal skills. MAGPRO also offers professional language courses and assessments such as Marlins Maritime English for seafarers, Red Seal English for engineers working in Canada, and Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, among others, to prepare the workforce culturally for their overseas assignments.  

Magsaysay Human Language Institute (MHLI), a venture partnership between Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (MPRC) and Human Holdings Co., Ltd. (HH) and Human Academy Co., Ltd. (HA) of Japan, focuses on delivering high-level Japanese education to Filipinos planning to study, live, and/or work in Japan. It offers customized Japanese language training programs for specific industries, especially in the hotelier business. 

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